Convención Europea de profesores de Matemáticas

(CASIO pan-European Conference)

Vienna'2007  (Austria)

Apr/20th-22nd/2007   Descargar programa


 Apr-20th, Friday:

Afternoon          ( individual arrival and check-in )

06:00 PM          Hotel’s lobby bar:  Welcome drink & Get-together

07:30 PM          Hotel’s restaurant:  CASIO  DINNER    ‘social evening’

La delegación española integrada por los Prof. Sc. Baldrich, Prof. Sc. Abel Martín y Prof. Dr. Daniel Vila email

Un paseo por Viena


Apr-21st, Saturday:  (conference room’)


08:30 AM          Begin / Welcome

Introductions and agreement on agenda

Web Mr. Klaner abre la sesión  email


(a) Presentación de las nuevas calculadoras científicas y el software de los emuladores de la serie ES    (Previsto para abril 2007)

Web Mr. Yukihiro Nakano email


(b) Presentación de la Calculadora Gráfica   fx 9860G Slim (Previsto para julio 2007)



Web El Prof. Sc. Abel Martín con su primera Slim email


(b) ClassPad 300   y ClassPad 330

Escritura natural fraccionaria

Escritura natural decimal

Mejora de la Geometría dinámica

CAS más potente


Experimentos de probabilidad

Matemáticas financieras

Transformaciones de Fourier y Laplace

Gráficas de ecuaciones diferenciales


Se conecta directamente al proyector de Casio o a través de cualquier otro proyector con un kit especial


10:00 AM          Presentations by country/region (10-15 minutes, each):

                        ‘Use of Technology - Planned Steps Towards Maths Education In 21st Century


- Situación de la calculadora en Alemania.

Web Mr. Olaf Fergen email

Web Dr. Jens Weitendorf email


- Situación de la calculadora en Portugal.

Web PhD. Jaime Carvalho e Silva email



- Situación de la calculadora en España.

Web Prof. Sc. Jordi Baldrich email



- Países Escandinavos.

Web Prof. Dr. Gunnar Gjone (Noruega)  email

Web Mr. Bjorn Bjorneng email

M. Cs. Tor Andersen (Noruega) email


Web Mr. Patrik Erixon (Suecia) email

Web Mr. Finn Derno (Dinamarca) email


Web Prof. Dr. Lenni Haapasalo (Finlandia) email

Web Mr. Simon Biesheuvel (Holanda) email


Web Dr. Jean Michel Ferrard   (Francia) email

Web Hans-Stephan Siller  (Austria) email


Web Éva Vásárhelyi (Hungría) email

Web Berta Tünde (Hungría) email


Web Web Monika Dillingerová (Eslovaquia) email

Web Alexander Grudzinskiy (Rusia) email


Web Dimitry Smekalin (Rusia) email

Web Spain team email

11:45 AM          Short summary
12:00                LUNCH  in the hotel’s restaurant

01:30 PM          Casio success story from Australia (Mr. Yoshioka)

02:00 PM          ‘Permanent Communication And Collaboration Throughout The Year’

                        (instead of a single annual conference, only)
                        Presentation of ideas of possible ‘tools’ (by Casio staff)     
02:30 PM          Group Work  (> form 3 groups according to countries’ common interests / similar sit.):

                        ‘Establish Continuous Annual Work’ from concrete steps over set-up down to expected expenditure (any kind of).

1. Communication
a) in the country / in the region(s)
    b) within the European Casio Edu Network
    c) orientated to non-EU networks / to the ‘public’
    Adequate best possible way(s) of continuing realization of a, b, c

2. Exchange
a) of existing books / oher literature / classroom materials
    b) of concepts (e.g. for teacher trainings / ‘PR’ / etc.)
    c) of ideas (e.g. about new ways of teaching & learning with technology, modern tools,
    Adequate best possible way(s) of continuing realization of a, b, c

3. Cooperations
a) in terms of classroom projects, project schools, …
b) in terms of teacher trainings
c) in terms of academic research (*)

    d) in terms of writing instructional literature (books, press articles, web page contents, etc.)
e) in terms of creating model lessons, model exams, etc.

     f) in terms of influencing decision makers (e.g. at ministries)
g) in terms of contacts (with teacher associations, universities / chairs for methodology &
        didactics of maths)

Web Ms Paed Dr. Lilla Korenová (Eslovaquia) email

Dr. Jozef Hvorecky (Eslovaquia) email

Web Angela Siller (Austria) email


Web Ana Margarida Dias (Portugal) email

Web Dr. Jose Carlos Balsa, en el centro email


02:45 PM          COFFEE  BREAK
03:00 PM          Start with actual group work

04:00 PM          Teams start with preparations for group reports (planned f. Sunday)

05:00 PM          END  of the Saturday work session
05:30 PM          Sightseeing Vienna with local guide, by bus, incl. ride on Ferris Wheel
08:00 PM          Downtown DINNER in a cosy historic restaurant; finally walk back to the hotel


Apr-22nd, Sunday:   (conference room ‘ ’)

08:30 AM          Group Reports (3 groups):  results and organization of follow-up;

                        ideas/plans for next steps, activities and projects…

Ideas para disertaciones / Temas para grupos de trabajo/ Invitar conferenciantes / Hipótesis de trabajo en línea con el grupo /

Internet forum / Skype Internet phone / Videoconferencias

09:45 AM          COFFEE  BREAK

10:00 AM          Open discussion  (Plenum)

11:30 AM          END  OF  THE  CONFERENCE

(individual check-out and departure)


Web Marianne Schubert (Alemania) email

Web Dr. Anna Loranty (Polonia) email


Web Dr. Igor Vostroknutow (Rusia) email

 Hotel Mercure City, Hollandstr. 3, A-1020 Vienna,

(phone +43-1-213130)

How to settle / intensify permanent communication and collaboration throughout the year.